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“Already an accomplished stylist, Rawlings has given us a first novel that is at once delicate and intense. The characters are so finely engraved and their passions so recognizable, the river of their daily lives runs so broad and deep, in the end we feel not that we have merely read about them but that we have lived with them, side by side. A poignant, exquisitely focused book.” — Sigrid Nunez, author of For Rouenna, A Feather On the Breath of God, and The Last of Her Kind



Rawlings-ComeCome Back Irish

“The stories in Come Back Irish are full of smart women and the stunning dance they do when the music is wrong men and bad decisions. Wendy Rawlings has written a sharp collection rich with mordant humor that colors her honest take on the tender estrangements that radiate from love and family. This book brims with arresting observation while it builds a world at once authentic and dear. This confident and well-written book is a pure pleasure.” — Ron Carlson, author of Plan B for the Middle Class and The Hotel Eden