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Short Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

“Coffins For Kids!” The Kenyon Review. Forthcoming

“Plans and Accidents.” Creative Nonfiction. Forthcoming.

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“To God Almighty That I Have Never Believed In, Especially Since This Entity Saw Fit To Take My Best Friend Rosemarie Who Had Just Finished Medical School at Johns Hopkins When She Was Killed in a Horrible Car Accident. A Book of Uncommon Prayer. Ed. Matthew Vollmer. Outpost19 (2015).

Food and Worker Safety Across the Globe: A Nervous and Incomplete Case Study.” Creative Nonfiction. (Spring 2014).

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Tics.” AGNI. (Fall 2012).

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America Loves Fat Men and Skinny Women.” Toad. (Spring 2012).

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Our Neighborhood.” Brevity 36. (Spring 2011).

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